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Good News Bantry Museum is re-opening on 14th July

Bantry Museum will open three days a week, starting on 14th July

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

10.00am  -  16.00pm.

We hope to extend these opening dates further in due course.

Check for updates 

Looking for Your Help

Bantry Historical Society is looking for your help

We are compiling data on a project under Creative Ireland /Cork Co Council 2020 Scheme.  This year's project is titled Bantry Culture & Creativity 2020.  

We are looking for details of any poetry/prose/drama etc that was created/written by any person who was native of greater Bantry area, or who had links with this area.  Also works of art created by residents of this area, or artists who frequently visited here.

Bantry has been noted for its creativity down through the ages, and we know that many poets etc visited here.  The landscape and topography of this area is noted for its beauty, and has been written about, extensively, over the centuries.

We would like to gather as much data as possible, respecting copyright issues etc, and upload it, appropriately designed by professional Graphic Artist, on to our website

If you haven't already enjoyed our 2019 Project covering the Four Valleys of Bantry, who not look into our website (Local History tab) and have a leisurely read - in excess of 130 pages of stories, poems (some as Gaeilge) and much more, giving a flavour of what life was like in the 19th and early 20th century.  This year we are covering the whole area, and extending out towards Castledonovan and Drimoleague, Caheragh and Muintirvara/Sheeps Head Peninsula.

Please email  or contact Angela at 027 51246