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Monday 3rd February 2020  8pm in Christian Fellowship Church, Bantry. 

The most important event of the year, when members take control and make decisions for the year ahead.

Our Annual General Meeting will include a few short reports, reviewing our activities during the past year (Oct 2018 to Sept 2019).  Then it's time for planning for the year ahead.  Looking forward to hearing all your suggestions, and hoping to have a vibrant working group going forward .

The Life and Times of the Bryce family of Garinish Island

Monday 20 January 2020 in the Christian Fellowship Church at 8.00pm by Dr. Jim Larner.

In 1910, John Annan and Violet Bryce bought a barren rocky island off of Glengarriff in Co Cork and set about creating their own garden paradise. Today, the island of Garinish, is famous the world over for its sub-tropical garden, set against a magnificent backdrop of mountains and sparkling water.  The Italianate garden at its heart is now one of the most iconic images of Irish gardening. This is the story of their achievements and set-backs in the turbulent times in Ireland of the early 20th century.